Repeat Customer Discount Program

No Repeat Customer Discounts are being offered at this time. Instead, everyone can earn a 25% discount on wine purchases by sponsoring a Napa Valley Foster Child to go to Disneyland this summer.

Program (when its available) Explained:
We appreciate loyalty from our repeat customers and want to give them the best selection at the best price. At the same time, we want to give new mailing list members the chance to try our wines. We think we’ve come up with a fair solution. We send our mailers out in waves, starting off with customers who purchased from us during the previous year. They will have the first opportunity to purchase the new release. They may also take advantage of a special discount based on their past purchases: 10% plus 1% more for every hundred dollars they spent with us during the previous year (up to a maximum of 20%). Customers who purchased from a release but then chose to skip a year will still receive a 10% discount to welcome them back. Skipping two years will return a customer to retail pricing and a regular spot on the mailing list. Providing we still have wine available after offering to our most recent customers, we will offer wine to regular mailing list members.

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