The Non Release of the 2011 Vintage from Match Vineyards

That's right, the NON release.

Mother Nature was a real butt head during the 2011 growing season with wind, rain, and a late frost during flower and then a rainstorm when we needed to harvest. Our grape crop was only 20% of normal.

Unfortunately, the small amount of wine we made was not quite the caliber we want to bring you so we made the tough decision to sell off all of our 2011 vintage wine in bulk.

We will have no new release this year but we do hope that you will continue to support our efforts to bring you only the best. We plan on offering some special deals throughout the year so that you can restock from our library the wines that you have enjoyed in the past or perhaps pickup a wine you have yet to try.

Here's our first deal. Earn a 25% discount on your Match Vineyards wine purchases.

Match Vineyards is joining with other Napa businesses and the Napa County Family & Foster Care Association to send all of the county's foster kids to Disneyland this summer. You can help sponsor a child for $25. And if you do, we will give you 25% off your wine purchases. Of course, if you want to sponsor more, you can do that as well (though the discount does max out at 25%).

The needs are huge to make this dream complete. 100% of the money collected through this campaign will go towards the trip, not a dime is going towards admin or staffing. More information is available in this Napa Valley Register article.

Sponsor below:

Send a Napa Valley Foster Kid to Disneyland nvfosterkid Sponsor a Napa Valley foster child to go to Disneyland this summer. If you do, Match Vineyards will give you a 25% discount on your wine purchases. Note that your shopping cart will not reflect the 25% discount. Unfortunately our software doesn't do that. However, when we manually process your order, your wine order subtotal will be reduced by 25% if the sponsorship is in your order. $25.00

This opportunity to earn an even bigger discount by sponsoring a foster kid is in lieu of our regular Repeat Customer Discount Program.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

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