Randy Sloan and Sasha Match — Vintners

Yep, the buck has got to stop somewhere and with Match Vineyards, it stops here for a brief moment before it goes out to pay expenses.

Originally from New York, Sasha moved to the Bay Area after getting degrees in sociology and nursing from the University of Wisconsin. She went on to receive her Nurse Practitioner and Master’s degrees from University of California, San Francisco and practiced for many years as an OB/GYN NP. She’s now retired from medicine and concentrates full time on keeping Randy and their son, Alec, out of trouble. She also, by the way, has the best palate for wine tasting in the family.

Randy claims both Texas and New Mexico as his home state depending on his mood and the predisposition of the listener. After a fairly illustrious career in high school and a fairly non-illustrious career in college, Randy listened to his patriotic heart and the promises of cash bonuses and joined the US Army. He ultimately spent 8 years in Military Intelligence serving as a Russian linguist. Following a brief stint managing study-abroad programs in Eastern Europe, he fed his altruistic side by managing medical research programs for UCSF, and then finally succumbed to the call of the dot com “boom”. He’s been a wine nut ever since working as a waiter in college and now that he’s a winery owner, he is trying to change his ways and sell more wine than he buys for his own collection.

Alec is the future of Match Vineyards. Just ask him. He’s 17 now, but back when he “graduated” 5th grade, he was interviewed for an entry in the school year book. “Where do you see yourself in the future?” “Running my family’s winery,” he replied. Oh how proud he made his folks when they read this. That pride was short-lived though when we continued reading “…that is, if my folks don’t make it bankrupt first.”

We’ll do our best, Alec.

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