There’s just no soil or water up there. That’s the way to describe the location of Baconbrook. This 2 ¾ acre Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard is located on a lower ridge of Spring Mountain overlooking the town of St. Helena in the Napa Valley. The soil, what little there is, is made up of broken chunks of ancient volcanic rock. Honestly, during the hot Napa Valley summers, the boys at Piña Vineyard Management would like to get more water on the vines, but it’s just not available. As a result, this “forced” deficit irrigation produces small berries of intense, dark color with incredibly strong flavors and sweet tannins that make Baconbrook wines long-term agers. We’re never going to have much of this mountain fruit from this miserly vineyard but oh, how we are excited about the little bit we do get.

Baconbrook, our home ranch, was planted in 2001. Its inaugural vintage was the 2004 Match Baconbrook Cabernet Sauvignon.

5 Responses to “Baconbrook”

  1. bill jenny says:

    Randy, When is the Baconbrook released. I have a lot of Match in my cellar and would like to combine the 2 wines to get the shipping with the $400.

  2. Bill, Baconbrook is released in the fall.

  3. Brian Kaz says:

    Hope Bill got all the baconbrook he wanted. Time for a cellar raid!!!!!!!

  4. Most definitely. Having some Baconbrook in the cellar is a great way to get friends to come over. I oughta know. LOL

  5. Mary Beth Gunderson says:

    I bought a case of Match Napa Valley Cab Sav. Baconbrook 2006 at Costco in Southlake Texas about a year ago. We drank the last bottle last night. It’s the very best wine I’ve ever had. Where can I buy more?
    thank you,

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