Butterdragon Hill

Butterdragon Hill comprises eight acres farmed by Jim Barbour and the experts at Barbour Vineyards. Give these guys and gals a piece of Napa Valley hillside and they’ll plant it with an extremely narrow 3×5 spacing and then stingily give it water by the teaspoonful until the grapes seem to cry out for relief. The grapes may not be “happy” but those droopy faces provide sophisticated flavors from lush, succulent wines.

Butterdragon Hill is located on the western side of the Napa Valley above Highway 29, just a couple of miles north of St. Helena. This vineyard was planted in 2000 with green bench grafts of Cabernet Sauvignon clones 337, 7, and 15 plus a small amount of Merlot. Its first vintage, the 2002 was released in Spring 2005.

2009 Butterdragon Hill

  • Tonnage: 19.61 tons Cabernet Sauvignon, .47 tons Merlot

2008 Butterdragon Hill

  • Harvest Date: 9/12/2008
  • Tonnage: 12.21 tons Cabernet Sauvignon, .54 tons Merlot
  • Bottled 6/16/10 – 314 cases

2007 Butterdragon Hill

  • Harvest Date: 10/1/2007
  • Tonnage: 19.36 tons Cabernet Sauvigon, .82 tons Merlot

2006 Butterdragon Hill

  • Tonnage: 18.06 tons Cabernet Sauvignon, .94 tons Merlot

2005 Butterdragon Hill

  • Tonnage: 20.98 tons Cabernet Sauvignon, .83 tons Merlot

2004 Butterdragon Hill

  • Tonnage: 16.58 tons Cabernet Sauvignon, 1.06 tons Merlot

2003 Butterdragon Hill

  • Tonnage: 18.64 tons Cabernet Sauvignon, .94 tons Merlot

2002 Butterdragon Hill

  • Tonnage: 9.85 tons Cabernet Sauvignon

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