I had a chance to do a side-by-side tasting comparison of these two wines this past week.

The 2008 Butterdragon is fairly closed right now and needs hours of air to start to show its stuff.  I recorked a bottle and a couple of days later it was much more expressive.  The ’08 vintage, in my opinion, is going to display more depth than the ’07, but it is going to take some time.  My recommendation right now is to hold your 2008 Butterdragons for a few years.  Surprisingly for this vineyard, the 2007 Baconbrook was more open for business.  After just an hour of air, it’s really singing with a great, complex finish.  While cellar age is still the watchword with Baconbrook, you can enjoy the 2007 now with a bit of advance planning.

I’m going to try to regularly update drinkability reports in this Vintner’s Journal.

2 Responses to “Drinkability report: 2008 Butterdragon and 2007 Baconbrook”

  1. Bud Carey says:

    Thanks for the update, Randy. I was planning on popping an 08 in about a month.
    I’ll bury them deep in the cellar instead.

  2. We had a 2007 Baconbrook last week… when my mom brought it to dinner, I thought it would be tight and way too young. I was surprised by how nicely it was drinking so young!

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